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A tale of two series. Storytelling with Puck podcast. Series 2 launch

A tale of two series: Storytelling with Puck - Series 2 launch

Imagine a world without stories!

No, don't. It'll be too painful. Stories are how we connect, how we share pain, joy, love, hate... life. That's why we won't let stories fall into an abyss.

Series 1 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast brought 19 stratospheric storytellers to the Puck Creations studios (Zoom) for an exchange of laughter, tears, fear, hope, joy and more. We shared stories, talked about stories and looked closely at how powerful stories can be in the business world too.

On July 1st 2021, series 2 will be here but before that, we're having a little launch party.

Grab a drink, get some snacks and take a few hours away from the daily grind as some of your favourite characters from series 1 whet your appetite for series 2 with an afternoon of tales.

You can watch a tale of two series live at 14:00 (GMT) on June 30th 2021.

Can't make the live show?

Don't worry, we'll make sure that there is a replay available for you on this very page shortly after we recover from the whilwind of emotions that come from the Storytelling with Puck podcast, series 2 launch.

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