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BUY MY STUFF NOW! Well, let's hope that's not how you advertise. Advertising can be powerful but it has to be done well to have an effect. We make sure that your ads show WHY your product or service meets the needs of your clients. We do this by making them think, feel and take action.

Social Media Ads

ATTENTION! Capture it, keep it, make it happen.
There’s a lot of noise on social media so how will you stand out? The right script will help. Contact us today to make sure you get noticed.

Video Scripts

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A great video will make you taste, smell, feel, hear and see every detail. It will create a desire so palpable that you won’t be able to do anything to stop it but a great video is not only about the imagery, it is not only about the sound, it is about the ideas and the words that make every element extra special.

That’s where Puck Creations come in. Find out more.


Puck Creations' slogans – Making your clients think, feel and take action.


Audio Advertisements

Listen closely. You will hear the sound of ad after ad after ad on the radio that sounds the same. Of course, you could create another ad that sounds the same but I'd imagine that you'd prefer to stand out. Grab the attention of the listener, create desire and persuade them to buy from you by instructing Puck Creations to write your next radio script.


You'll hear many a person say "leaflets are dead" or "you're wasting your money on leaflets, focus on social media!" They might be right but not necessarily, leaflets still have their place. It's all about understanding who and where your customers are. If you know this and leaflets are the best way to get your message to them, we'll make sure that the people reading your leaflets know why they should buy from you.

Newspaper Advertisements

Only have half a page? Quarter? Less? That's OK. A good ad can capture the audience with few and sometimes no words. We will help you come up with a powerful concept that grabs attention and keeps it.

PR / News Release

One of the best ways to promote a product or service is by getting it in the press. You can pay firms to do this for you (they'll only go in certain places) or you can create content that is captivating enough to make it truly newsworthy. Both options have their benefits and both options need great content. Let Puck Creations make sure you have that.


Thank you for the music and the lyrics you're bringing, we'll buy from you any product that's singing.

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