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How Puck Creations make you happy

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It usually starts with you getting in touch and telling us a little about what you’re looking for. You might need to define your brand so that your communication is always clear, consistent, relevant and different. You might need to generate compelling content that reminds potential clients of who you are and why you matter. You might need copy that persuades buyers to think, feel and take action. Whatever you need, we’ll answer your call.

How to make clients happy?

The practical stuff

Pricing, payment terms, dates and deadlines. All vital parts of any project. Projects are how we charge and each one varies so our prices are not on the website but we’ll get to all of this important stuff as soon as is physically possible. There’s no messing around, we discover what you need, let you know how much you need to invest with us to get it and work out a plan of action that suits everybody involved.


As we’re not cats, we probably won’t die of curiosity, which is fortunate because it’s in our nature to ask and to discover. Your clients need to know exactly what’s in it for them. They need to know what makes you relevant, why they can trust what you offer and why they need what you’re selling. That partly comes down to your products and it partly comes down to your brand. Don’t worry if that’s yet to be defined; a Puck Creations’ Defining Your Brand Workshop will set you on your way.

Brand Defined

Brand defined, what next?

When it comes to content, there are many paths you could follow. Whatever you do, make sure you follow the path that is right for you. Once you’ve told us about your brand or defined it in a brand workshop, we’ll write whatever you need to be written. If you’re not sure what you need yet, we’ll be happy to guide you. It’s important to remember that our suggestions will always be based on your needs and the needs of your customers. What’s right for business A might be disastrous for business B.

Working 9 till 5 or some variety

You probably don’t care about the exact hours we work and neither do we. You probably do care about the result of our creations. All of the hard work that has gone before will be the basis for making your next article extravaganza, website bonanza or poetic stanza. Actually, we’ll often take out the jargon or at the very least make the meaning clear to your audience. What we’re really doing is creating written content to make your audience think, feel and take action.

Making Magic With Words

Tell us what you think

Making magic with words is what we do but magic isn’t easy. We’re not happy until we know that we’ve made the perfect potion for you so we welcome your feedback. Tell us what you love, tell us what you’d love a lot more if we changed it and tell us why. We’ll make the adjustments needed until you’re ready to tell us that you’re happy.


That’s how Puck Creations make your customers take action. Making your customers think, feel and take action is how we make you happy and making you happy makes us happy! Still, there’s no time to rest, we’ll be ready for when you need us again, knowing that some parts of the process will be a lot quicker the second time around.

Ready to make your clients, think feel and take action? [email protected].

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