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How will you achieve your why?

How will you achieve your brand purpose? Your WHY? It takes more than a dream

July 2020 (Updated December 2020) · 4 Min Read

Les Misérables

The sudden change of temperature seemed strange. I was surrounded by people but it must have been cold in the theatre because the tear that crept out of my left eye seemed to freeze on my cheek as Éponine sang those first 3 words: “On My Own”. As the song came to an end, I knew that I wanted to be a singer or an actor or something. The problem was, I didn’t know how.

Learning from life

As the years passed by, I started to find different outlets. I moved from job to job, I travelled, I watched, I listened, I learned. I saw talent everywhere. I saw dancers, singers, actors, writers, inventors, creators, makers, differentiators! They were around every corner. Their ideas blew my mind but many had no way of showing them to the world. As I moved my career into radio advertising, I saw many businesses who were struggling in much the same way. Yet, some were not. Successful businesses seemed to all have one thing in common and I realised that I could harness that power.

Creative People, brand purpose

The power of WHY

One thing that stood out for me in companies that were doing well was the motivation that ran through their team. There is nothing wrong with wanting to earn money to live your life without really caring about who pays your salary but it was easy for me to see the employees who were desperate for their company to succeed. They believed in the company purpose as much as anyone else. They knew exactly WHY they got up and went to work every morning and it was more than just to earn money.

WHY is not enough

Something else I noticed was that some companies had a strong vision but they weren’t achieving the same results. At first, I couldn’t work out why. The zest was there, the purpose was there, there was no lack of effort so what was going wrong? Over time, I noticed that their activities were often muddled. They had no real strategy in place to achieve their dream, they tried everything but that was about as useful as trying nothing. It was at that point I realised, WHY is not enough on its own.

You’ll only get to your WHY when you know HOW

There was a common theme with the businesses that weren’t achieving the same results and it seems like an obvious thing to say but they didn’t know how to. They were doing lots of work, they had lots of campaigns in place and they had a plethora of things to sell but everything felt disjointed. They had no strategy or in simpler terms, they had no core objective that tied all of their tactics together.

Missing Brand Strategy

HOW Puck does it

At Puck Creations, we believe that every great idea and every great business deserve recognition. We generate that recognition by making sure everything we do stimulates people to think, feel and take action. Yes, I know it sounds like a slogan and it is but there's a deeper meaning. We know that if we can get people to think, feel and take action every time they see our content, we can also get them to recognise the great ideas and businesses that we want to promote. That's why we always ask ourselves 2 questions.

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, we know we’re on the right track.

It’s OK to sell different things

Not everyone wants to buy the same things from you at the same time. At Puck Creations, we offer workshops to Define Your Brand. In fact, defining your WHY and your HOW is a big part of that. We also create different types of content. We write blogs, web copy, radio ads, video scripts, internal emails, social media bios and so much more. You are not going to need all of these things at the same time. In the future, we might start selling pink balloons and laughing unicorns (I doubt it but you never know) but before we do, we will ask ourselves the questions in the section above. If the answer to both of those questions is yes, we will explore those products further. If it is no, they will never become part of the Puck Creations' brand.

Be consistent in your brand purpose and let everything else evolve

People don’t buy website copy from us because they believe that every great business and idea deserves to be recognised, they buy website copy because they need website copy. Their first priority is what we can do for them at that moment. This may make you wonder why we put so much effort into defining our WHY. Well, there are lots of places that somebody could buy website copy. There are lots of companies that charge almost the same price for website copy. There are lots of companies that have talented copywriters but there are very few companies who have all of those things, that make your audience think, feel & take action and that are as desperate as you to get your business recognised. We rarely talk about this but we show it in everything that we do. That’s why WHY matters.

Define your WHY, HOW and WHAT

Working out how this all fits your business can be hard. If you’d like us to help you work out how to achieve your why, [email protected] and ask about a Defining Your Brand Workshop. Remember, it takes more than a dream.

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