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Truly desire Rigatoni

Oh, the sweet taste of getting exactly what you desire: Let your ideal client indulge in your sweet nectar

October 2020 · 2.5 Min Read

Rigatoni all’amatriciana

This isn’t for the purists. No! The purists will revolt! “Amatriciana is made for Bucatini! Our Roman ancestors wanted it that way so that’s the way it should be!” Bucatini is a long, spiralling pasta with a small hole through the middle that lets a little sauce pour through and it is the traditional accompaniment to Amatriciana. Yet, once you’ve tasted the mix of tomatoes, pancetta (or guanciale), white wine, onions and Italian cheese served with Rigatoni from The Toni in Da Tonino, Rome; you’ll forget that Bucatini ever existed. As the sweet, indulgent sauce flowed through the huge gap in the middle of this beautifully simple dough for my first taste, I was hooked.

Back to business, branding and your audience

This is a very physical example of offering a taste of your product to get your ideal client to want more. It’s even more obvious in markets where they offer samples and on TV programmes where they give a teaser of the show you’ll see after the break. It’s a sweetener but it’s never enough to completely fill you up or bore you. It’s just enough to make you want more. It’s a great way of selling but it only works if you have a great product or service and you have a strong understanding of exactly what it is your customer needs and wants.

What does your ideal client truly desire?

If you’re honest, as sad as it may feel, you probably already know that they don’t truly desire your new bookkeeping software with the ability to do 4 billion sums quicker than any other. They don’t have 4 billion sums to do. What they may well desire is the time, freedom and peace of mind that comes with not having to spend days having to work out their profit and loss accounts. They may also desire the extra money they save by not having to hire an accountant or maybe they desire something else that they could buy with the money left over.

Benefits, benefits, benefits!

Actually, Benefits, Advantages and Features. BAF if you will or as it is more commonly known, FAB. You will have seen so many articles talking about promoting the benefits of your product or service instead of the features but in reality, it’s important to show off every element. What matters is how you do it.

Rigatoni for your ideal client?

It’s all about them. Always!

None of the above works if you make it about you and your business. Benefits are always about what the customer needs and wants. That’s the sweet nectar they need to taste. That’s what will make them ask for more. So, when you're producing content for your clients, remember to give. You don’t have to give everything you have but offer enough to make your ideal audience want more. Before you can do that, you need to know where to find them and how to know what it is, they’re looking for. Take a look at our other recent articles to get a better sense of how to do that.

Defining Your Brand

There’s a lot to consider when you’re defining your brand and your audience are just a part of that. [email protected] to ask us about a Defining Your Brand Workshop.

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