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Puck Podcast stories for your heart, mind and soul

Series 1 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast. Stories for your heart, mind and soul.

It started, as it always does, with a story. We listened carefully, we laughed, sometimes because we were amused, sometimes because we were nervous. We cried, sometimes because we were sad, sometimes because we were joyful. We gasped, we leant forward, we thought, we felt, we did!

That’s how the stories from Series 1 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast affected our heart, mind and soul.

Listen. See how they affect yours.

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S01E01: Iulia Farcas

What am I?

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: IuliaFarcas: What am I?

Iulia is not what other people think or say so what is she? One thing we know for definite is that she is an incredible writer, storyteller and podcast guest but to find out more, you’ll have to listen to Episode 1 of the #StorytellingWithPuck podcast. Click play when you’re ready or download it wherever you get your podcasts.

Want to find out more about Iulia? Find her on LinkedIn using the link below:

Iulia's LinkedIn page

S01E02: Andrew Thorp

Would you like to sit next to me?

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Andrew Thorp: Would you like to sit next to me?

There’s nothing dry about Andrew’s stories. He’s got a library full and he knows exactly how to tell them. His first story starts us off on a high but the conversation doesn’t fall down at any point. Whatever you’re doing, have a listen. Andrew isn’t known as the Multi-Story Man for no reason.

Want to find out more about Andrew and see how he can help your business tell better stories? Find him using the links below:

Andrew’s website: andrewthorp.co.uk

Andrew’s LinkedIn – The Multi-Story man

Andrew’s Podcast – Leaning Forward

S01E03: Tracy Hooper

Find what works for you.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Tracy Hooper: Find what works for you.

Tracy oozes style in everything that she does and is. Much of that comes from the confidence of knowing what works for her but when her daughter asked her for a favour, she wasn't sure if that would work for her at all. You'll have to listen to episode 3 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast to find out more.

Want more information about how you can look amazing with your own style? Use the links below:

Tracy’s LinkedIn – Curate your style

Tracy’s website - tracyjaynehooper.com

S01E04: Gary Nightingale

The Madman in the Cellar.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Gary Nightingale: The madman in the cellar.

How the world has changed in just a few decades. Gary offers an insight into his personal story but he offers something else too. He gives each one of us the chance to look back and remember or discover a world that once was. What has really changed? Is life really so different? Gary's story invites us to ask these questions and many more so take a moment to really listen to his words in episode 4 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast.

Need to illustrate how amazing you are to your clients? Get in touch with Gary on LinkedIn using the link below:

Gary’s LinkedIn – Paint a picture in your clients' minds.

S01E05: Kayla Conley

A feast at Granny's.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Kayla Conley: A feast at Granny's.

Stories create the possibility to connect on a deep level and we love to feast on them but a more traditional feast of food and drink can connect too. In episode 5 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast, Kayla Conley provides all of the nutrition we could possibly want. With our bellies and our hearts full, we offer you the chance to listen and enjoy the same tasty morsels that we did. Bon appetit!

Want to speak like a pro? Ask a pro to help you. You can find Kayla using the links below:

Skills that work – Kayla’s website.

Kayla’s LinkedIn page.

Kayla’s Facebook page.

S01E06: Clive Bartlett

Roll the dice.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Clive Bartlett: Roll the dice.

Take the opportunities when they come, that’s a key takeaway from each of Clive’s stories. Clive has many facets to his work but there is a common thread in everything he does and his stories show why. Listen to episode 6 wherever you get your podcasts or simply listen on this page.

Want to communicate with Clive? Click the link below:

Communicate on Clive's LinkedIn.

S01E07: Shaena Jasmat

A letter to say goodbye.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Shaena Jasmat: A letter to say goodbye.

Many of us will have had relationships that often felt amazing but in reality, were detrimental to every part of our life. Shaena Jasmat opens up episode 7 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast with a letter to say goodbye to a bad influence. Free of that and starting a new phase of her life, we had the privilege of listening to the story of how she got to where she is now. Listen right here or wherever you get your podcasts.

To find out how Shaena can help you with your mindset, take a look at her links below:

Shaena's Instagram.

Shaena's LinkedIn.

If you need support with your relationship with alcohol, please check out the links below or get in touch with a medical professional for support.

Bee Sober - Support for alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are also places that will support you if you have challenges with mental health: We have chosen to link to MIND UK but there are many others out there.


S01E08: Ben Masters

As seas carve coastlines.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Ben Masters: As seas carve coastlines.

There is an almost reassuring inevitability to certain areas of our lives; foundations that keep our feet on the ground until we're ready to take off. In episode 8 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast, Ben Masters shows why he is a master of language as he takes a look back at the life of a generation prior, the direct effect it had on him and the world we live in today.

If you'd like Ben to carve out a writing masterpiece for you, find him by clicking on the links below:

Ben's LinkedIn.

Ben Masters' Copy - Website.

S01E09: Chrissie Lowery

Worth all the battles.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Chrissie Lowery: Worth all the battles.

To say that life hasn’t been easy for Chrissie Lowery would be an understatement but that didn’t stop her. Battle after battle, challenge after challenge, Chrissie fought on. Today, an entrepreneur with 2 books, multiple media appearances and a genuine passion to support others, Chrissie truly deserves the “inspirational” title. We were privileged to be able to find out more about her story in episode 9 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast.

To see Chrissie’s crafts, to become part of her network or to give her ideas of how to get on This Morning, check out the links below:

Shop Hand Made website.

Cuddle Bed website.

Shop Hand Made Facebook group.

Craft to be Kind Facebook group.

S01E10: Jules White

Ghosts, dragons and unique humans.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Jules White: Ghosts, dragons and unique humans.

Jules White hasn't lost some of the cheeky instincts that she had as a child, although they are only one part of her UHP (Unique Human Proposition). When it comes to human connection, Jules lives it, loves it and sells it but as you listen to episode 10 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast, you'll realise that she is connected to more mystical creatures too!

Want to dig into your UHP with Jules? Find her using the link below:

Live it, Love it, Sell it: Links to the most important places to find Jules White.

S01E11: Viv Parry

The Bar.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Viv Parry: The Bar.

Karen met her daughter in the bar to have a proper catch up but this meeting ended up taking a different turn. This story is just the start of our challenging but important conversation with the multi-talented Viv Parry. Find out about mentoring, storytelling in business and the world of a business owner, dedicated mother and all-round, wonderful person.

For mentoring, executive level support and more, get in touch with Viv using the links below:

Be amazing! Visit Viv's website

Find Viv on LinkedIn.

Be Amazing at Home podcast.

S01E12: Carol Miltersteiner

Burnout, acts 1-3.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Carol Miltersteiner: Burnout, A drama in three parts.

One more coffee, one more sleepless night, one more great line from the spectacular Carol Miltersteiner.

A drama broken down into 3 acts, a story told, a world discovered. Carol compels you to listen, we were compelled to ask for more and now is the time to be compelled by episode 12 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast.

To discover more about Carol to buy her book or to connect with her, click through using the links below:

Carol’s website.

Carol’s LinkedIn.

Carol’s Instagram (English).

Burnout Awareness Week.

Buy “My Morning Pages” by Carol.

Throughout this podcast, we have talked about burnout and other mental health challenges. If you are struggling in any way, please seek support from your GP or a reputable charity. Below are some links to help you do that:


Support for people living in the Netherlands.

S01E13: Nick Diakanastasis

Dreaming in stories.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Nick Diakanastasis: Dreaming in stories.

Nick doesn't follow the traditional paths and neither do his dreams. Fantasy swoops in to remind him of the realities of life. Nick's linguistic prowess, acting acclaim and public speaking excellence are only a part of who he is. We find out a little more in episode 13 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast.

Technique is everything, learn how to speak well with Nick by clicking on the links below:

Nick's LinkedIn.

Nick's website.

Nick's YouTube.

S01E14: SJ Woods

Forest Music.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: SJ Woods: Forest Music.

"You cannot come in here. you cannot do what you wish to do. You cannot be who you wish to be. You are not worthy." Words to keep you down. Sound familiar? Let the sound of SJ Woods' drum keep you going as she brings you into a world of music, stories, therapy, nature and reflection. It'll be worth it.

Now's the time to get the support you deserve from SJ Woods and you can find her details below:

SJ's LinkedIn.

Empowering women to move on - SJ's website.

S01E15: Rosalyn Palmer

A Madonna moment.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Rosalyn Palmer: A Madonna Moment.

It may not have been because of Madonna but it was at that moment when everything changed for Rosalyn Palmer. A rollercoaster life, full of tragedy, lessons learned and joy, Rosalyn can really speak through experience. If we had 10 hours for this one, it wouldn't be enough but we're grateful to Rosalyn Palmer for giving up an hour of her time to delve into some of the most pivotal moments in her life.

An expert in marketing and PR but now working as a therapist, Rosalyn has a lot to offer and you can connect using the information below:

Rosalyn's website.

Monkey Business - Rosalyn's podcast.

S01E16: Ria Moolgie

One small gesture.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Ria Moolgie: One small gesture.

What can one small gesture do to change a moment, to change a life? No matter the intention, a small gesture can make a huge difference. That can be positive and it can also be negative, often, we won't know until it's happened. Ria Moolgie brings us into the world of 3 young children and one small gesture that almost changed everything.

If you'd like a photo restored, a collage created or just a chat with this marvellous human, get in touch with Ria using the links below:

Email Ria.

Ria's Website.

Ria's Facebook page.

Ria's LinkedIn profile.

S01E17: Garima Nabh

Science to stories.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: Garima Nabh: Science to stories.

A life of theorising, a life of learning, a life of understanding. Is this science or stories? Well, maybe they're more similar than we think. Yet, when we hear about somebody studying micro-biology and bio-medical science at university, we might not expect that to precede a career in writing. Absorb yourself in the wonder of Garima Nabh's story.

Want to find out more about Garima? Of course you do. Click on the links below:

Garima's LinkedIn.

Garima's Facebook.

New Age Mag.

Garima's blog.

S01E18: Trisha Lewis


Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S01E18: Trisha Lewis: Unsquashed.

You know that feeling? The one where you're doing something, over and over again but it just doesn't feel quite right. Everyone else is doing it so why not follow them? Yet, you're suffocating, trapped, unable to be you. Well, you might be feeling squashed and this episode's guest, Trisha Lewis knows all about that.

There's a lot more to uncover in Trisha's wonderfully entertaining and informative book:

Buy The Mystery of the Unsquashed Self.

Want to connect with Trisha? Check out the links below:

Trisha's website.

Trisha's LinkedIn.

Trisha's Instagram.

Trisha's Facebook.

Still want more podcasts? Listen to Trisha's amazing Make it Real podcast. We'll start with a familiar voice:

Make it real with Stefano Capacchione from Puck Creations.

S01E19: Nicola Richardson

You don't want flannel.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S01E19: Nicola Richardson: You don't want flannel.

Open, honest, ready to assess problems and find solutions, that’s what it’s all about for this week’s guest, Nicola Richardson because in her words: “you don’t want flannel”. Her business and leadership lessons have come throughout her life but they all started in her childhood working in a café.

Need leadership support? Looking to make changes to your team? Find Nicola using the links below:

Nicola's website: The People Mentor.

Nicola's LinkedIn.

The People Mentor's podcast.

S01E20: Farewell, not goodbye

We'll start with a story.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S01E20: Farewell, not goodbye: We'll start with a story.

One final story for Series 1. This one is the story of stories. From childhood memories to dreams, to worlds that are not as they seem, this episode highlights the power of connecting through stories. We're saying farewell but we'll be back soon with Series 2.

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