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Making Magic With Words

Storytelling with Puck podcast, stories to make you feel.

“Everyone has their story. Everyone. And that includes me”. That was the key takeaway from one of the wonderful participants in the #StorytellingWithPuck week for 2021. They weren’t alone with these feelings. From the 140+ stories that people shared across the week, not one was boring. Each story made us feel. Many of the participants this year asked us to find a way of continuing the Storytelling with Puck feeling. We couldn’t deny that request so here, for you, and for us, is the Storytelling with Puck Podcast.

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S03E04: Timothy Mason

Smile for the camera.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S03E04 - Timothy Mason: Smile for the camera.

Where does inspiration come from? It comes from stories, of course. Here’s a prime example. Our guest for Series 3, Episode 4 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast is a powerful storyteller. His medium is the camera. His films highlight the challenges of businesses, their successes, their stops along the way. With every story he tells, he inspires somebody, somewhere to take action. Tim was inspired, in his own right, by a story. Find out more about that by listening today.

Let Tim make you smile by finding him using the links below:

Tim's LinkedIn

Creative Business Videos' Website

Creative film workshops' website

S03E03: Eleanor Goold


Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S03E03 - Eleanor Goold: Alchemy.

It’s not about dogs, it’s not about McFly, it’s not even about Teddy or Tizzy. It’s about you. You’re probably wondering how it’s about you. Maybe you’re even wondering what exactly IT is. Well, that’s the power of words. The power of magic. The power of alchemy. Once you listen to the compelling copywriter that is Eleanor Goold, you’ll understand everything. Luckily for you, there’s an opportunity to listen right now.

To find out more about Eleanor’s alchemy, click on the links below:

Eleanor's LinkedIn

Kreativ Copywriting Website

The Copywriter Facebook Group

Eleanor's Twitter

Eleanor's Instagram

S03E02: Bina Briggs


Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S03E02 - Bina Briggs: Moving.

From one land to another, from one story to another, from one life to another. Bina Briggs has gone though things that many of us couldn't imagine. A refugee from Uganda with a tough home life, Bina never had things easy. Still, she currently runs a successful HR company called Plain Talking HR and enjoys her life in Sunny Luton, in the UK. What got her here, you may ask? Well, if you've got the ears to listen, Bina's got the legs, the strength and the tenacity to take you on this journey with her.

You need to buy Bina's book. Really, you need to buy Bina's book. You may also want to get in touch with her in other ways. We'll leave the links below. Seriously though, buy Bina's book. It's called the Red Thread.

Here’s where to buy it.

Plain Talking HR on Facebook.

Plain Talking HR on Twitter.

Bina Briggs on LinkedIn.

Bina talking about her book on YouTube.

S03E01: Jennifer Elia

It starts with a hen.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S03E01 - Jennifer Elia: It starts with a hen.

Hens, homesteads, a little LinkedIn, a lot of marketing, where are we going with this? Jennifer Elia says that content is anything that educates your audience and stories are an amazing way of making that happen. Still, if you’re wondering what hens have to do with Jennifer’s business, this is the best place to find out. Start listening to Episode 1 of Series 3 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast right away.

Are you looking to get found on LinkedIn? Check out Jennifer's links below to see how you can make that happen.

Scale My Business – Jennifer’s website.

Jennifer's LinkedIn.

Jennifer's YouTube.

S02E15: Jennifer Nunez

Late Bloomer.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E15 - Jennifer Nunez: Late Bloomer.

Some people know exactly what they want to do at a very young age. Everything is planned out and no stone gets left unturned in making sure that they get there. Jennifer Nunez was not one of those people. Life after school was about taking things as they come. By doing that, Jennifer learned a lot about life and business that is easily missed when we follow a pre-determined path. Still, a marketing degree came calling, a marketing community was to be developed and a move to a completely new continent was on the horizon. Listen to episode 15 of Series 2 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast to find out more.

Want to be part of Jennifer’s amazing marketing community or hire her to make your business go further? Click on the links below:

Gem Services - Website.

Jennifer's LinkedIn.

S02E14: Harshita Khandelwal

Finding common ground.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E14 - Harshita Khandelwal: Finding common ground.

Isn't it brilliant that we're all so unique? You'll hear Puck Creations talk about the benefits of standing out all the time and we explain that the best way to do it is by defining who you are. You are unique, you are the magic ingredient. Yet, being unique doesn't mean that we need to be alone or lonely. We still have a lot in common with those around us. We can still connect. We can still share the feelings that matter most to us. Harshita Khandelwal writes in a way that helps us to connect on a deeper level and we get to share in her brilliance in episode 14 of Series 2 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast.

Want to find out more about Harshita? Of course you do. Find her using the link below:

Harshita's LinkedIn.

S02E13: Claudia Miller


Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E13 - Claudia Miller: Ready.

It seemed like all the hard work was paying off. Bill and Melinda Gates had offered a scholarship, her grades had met all expectations and she was ready to make herself known to the world. Sadly, for Claudia Miller, the world hit her first and she learned that she had to be ready for any challenge that lay ahead. In episode 13 of Series 2 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast, we talk about how Claudia got to where she is today, what she does to help others to get the career they deserve as well as how Claudia balances life and work. There are too many other areas to cover in this introduction so you’ll just have to listen.

If you’re looking for a new career path or if you’re just interested in finding out more about Claudia, you can find her details below:

Claudia's website.

Listen to Claudia's podcast.

S02E12: Mark Kingston Jones

Sleeping with Hyenas.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E12 - Mark Kingston Jones: Sleeping with Hyenas.

When was the last time you slept in a tent, hoping that a hyena would visit? No, us neither but this week's guest, Mark Kingston Jones has a story about that. We also talk about whether animals should be in captivity, how he had a slightly unusual "real animals in the wild" experience and how Team Building with Bite is a little different. Ready to listen? Go on, be an animal.

Get on Mark’s wild side and find him using the links below:

Mark's LinkedIn.

Team Building with Bite on Facebook.

S02E11: Jackie Goddard

My Dad, the Stuntman.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E11: Jackie Goddard: My Dad, the Stuntman!

What a life. The excitement, the adventure, the near misses, the big hits, the rollercoasters, the injuries, the twists, the turns, the intrigue, the adrenalin rush, the power, the celebrity meetings, the clamour, the list goes on! To top it all off, her Dad was a stunt man too and that’s where this episode of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast starts. Get ready to listen to this marvellous lady, Jackie Goddard in episode 11. It’ll be worth it.

Once you’re done, make sure you pop over to Power to Speak, Jackie’s very own podcast where she interviews amazing creatives from all over the world. You can find the link to this and the other ways to discover Jackie below:

Jackie's website.

Power to Speak Podcast.

Power to Speak podcast on YouTube.

Jackie's LinkedIn.

S02E10: Dean F. Oliver

Every day is history.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E10: Dean F. Oliver: Every day is history.

If every day is history, how does anyone choose which history to exhibit in the Canadian Museum of History? There's a lot to it but there is a process. So much goes into those displays that we get to indulge in or occasionally even pass by but when you have a mission that really matters to you, it's all worthwhile. Listen to Dean F. Oliver as he tells us what it takes to put on an exhibit about Afghanistan during the Afghan war, how he describes the importance of stories in explaining history, why fairies matter and so much more.

You can talk to Dean right now, in the present. Find his details below:

Dean's LinkedIn.

Dean's professional email address.

S02E09: Gill McKay

Brain child - The girl with blue lips.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E09: Gill McKay: Brain child - The girl with blue lips.

Imagine. That's how this episode starts but some of the incredible subject areas and stories that Gill McKay touches on in this episode can sometimes be hard to imagine. Blue lips, blue fingernails, being different, being unique, working with the mind, working on our minds, future thinking, future planning and that's before we even mention neuroscience. Curious? It's time to start listening to Gill.

Would you like to pick Gill's brains too? Find her on LinkedIn:

Gill's LinkedIn.

S02E08: Janine Coombes

A wig won't cover it.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E08: Janine Coombes: A wig won't cover it.

Janine Coombes, our guest for this episode has often worn a wig. Her initial story involves wigs. It also involves her own hair, as you will hear but for certain situations, you can't just cover over the cracks. With marketing and branding, what happens when you base your whole business at the offer level? What happens when you're not clear about what you do?

Where can you find all of Janine's juicy offers? Find the details below:

Janine's LinkedIn.

Janine's Website.

S02E07: Rory Berry

You have to stop to keep going.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E07: Rory Berry: You have to stop to keep going.

Stop completely. Take a beat as our magnificent guest, Rory Berry says. It doesn't have to be long, maybe just 20 seconds. Maybe you can get back to it or maybe you can take a bit more time to play. Whatever you do, taking those breaks, investing in stories and allowing yourself to have fun again will have serious benefits to your work and life. Listen to Rory in episode 7 of Series 2 of the Storytelling with Puck Podcast to find out more.

Roar into Rory’s world by clicking on the links below:

Roaring Berry - Rory's Website.

Rory's LinkedIn.

Rory's Instagram.

Rory's Facebook.

Email Rory - [email protected]

S02E06: Joey Sordyl

Curiosity killed the chat.

Trouble listening? Please click to listen on Anchor: S02E06: Joey Sordyl: Curiosity killed the chat.

Divide, conquer, escape, reflect, be empathetic, be understanding, come up with solutions, agree, disagree, do it all with kindness. Episode 6 of Series 2 of the Storytelling with Puck podcast tells a story of power, chaos and everything in between. A model, an actor, a talent manager and a curious creature, what happens when "too much" curiosity stops the conversation? Joey Sordyl explores his internal conflicts, the division in the wider world and his ideas for a better one.

To find out more about Joey, his views and his work in the world of music management, click on the links below:

Joey's Instagram.

Storytelling with Puck Trailer

Still deciding if you want to spend your time listening to all of these incredible stories? Get a taste of what it's all about by listening to the 2 minute, 22 second trailer.

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