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Midweek Magic 2023

Midweek Magic 2023

The second of our storytelling evenings comes in the form of midweek magic. Our incredible guests joined us and told stories that connected us all. Get a feel for the power of storytelling by watching the replay.

Want more magical stories?

Stories on a Thursday are something to behold but stories on a Monday and a Saturday have their own appeal. We had more amazing Zoom calls and you can watch the replays!


The first of our get togethers, Welcome to Storytelling with Puck 2023 brought joy and as always, it brought a mixture of other emotions too. See how you feel.

Saturday evening

It was the Weekend Word All on Saturday evening. There were no limits, only inspiration. Each story inspired another, each person connected with another, each moment created another reason to love Storytelling. Get your fix!

The final goodbye

A final storytelling endeavour. The question of why it had to end was hard to answer. Must we? We must! Where there is only noise, there is nothing to fill. Let's have a few moments of silence before we start again in 2024.

.   .   .

Time for King Puck's Wisdom?

Saturday stories

Stories for Saturday

When you need a break from the world on a Saturday, listen to some stories.

What does a Lidl have to do with brand personality?

Christmas brand

What does a Lidl ad have to do with brand personality?

A taste of your brand

The sweet taste

Do you offer a taste of your products to entice your customers?

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