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Client Stories

Write your client’s story, not your case study

February 2019 (Updated December 2020) · 4 Min Read

“Jacky did a great job! I’d really recommend her”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better painter, thanks Achmed”

“Such a comfortable bed, I’m definitely staying there again!”

We see them everywhere. Reviews and testimonials. 5 stars, 10 stars, thumbs up, emoji hearts and more but how much notice do we really take? Actually, according to this survey by Podium, a lot. 93% of consumers say that reviews have an impact on their purchasing decisions and even more importantly, they say that it’s the content itself that matters. Clients are of course interested in the rating given to a business but what they really want to know is why they received that score. Are the reviewer’s priorities the same as the potential client’s?

Case studies

Many companies write case studies explaining exactly how they helped a client and how they can do the same for you. If they write them well, they will explain the initial challenge, followed by an explanation of how their product or service helped. A testimonial or at least an explanation of the positive impact they had will bring the study to a conclusion and of course, everybody will want to read it. Won’t they?

Case study sends puppy to sleep

Wake me up when it’s over

Sadly, that’s rarely the case. Why? People have read hundreds of case studies. They know the formula inside out by now and they are bored. Relevant information isn’t automatically interesting information. That doesn’t mean the formula is wrong. Far from it. Challenge, solution, result is exactly what people need but it’s missing a key ingredient. Intrigue!


Katie’s café Case Study

Katie’s café sells coffee and other refreshments at a great price. They are based in Lisbon and are in competition with lots of other cafes. They decided to start selling ice lollies and they needed a new freezer so they came to us…

After going through all of the incredible freezer options we have, they settled on the Frosty Freezer J4521 as it had a quick freeze option…

They were really happy and now sell ice lollies as well as coffee.

", Write Your Client's Story


Frosty Freezers, helping Katie’s café cool off with a warm feeling inside

A day in Lisbon is often enough to make you want to spend a lifetime. Colourful buildings, sea views and streets lined with charming, welcoming cafes are enough to make your heart skip a beat. Katie’s is one of those cafes and their recent installation of an ice cream freezer means you can warm up in the winter and cool down in the summer…

For a truly succulent lolly, freezing quickly makes all the difference. Just 10 minutes in a warm environment can ruin the shape, colour and texture. Frosty Freezer’s J4521’s quick freeze option made it the perfect solution…

Since the freezer’s installation, Katie’s has sold 4,000 home made ice lollies and is now known as “the coolest place in town” by the locals…

Saying the same thing in a different way

Both case studies tell us the same thing. They both explain how Frosty’s Freezers can be utilised and they both shout about a success, yet one version packs a much bigger punch than the other. Why?

The second study tells a story. It draws you in, it makes you feel like you are in the client’s environment and it makes you understand their need. It’s intriguing, it’s entertaining and it’s just as informative. A focus on the Frosty’s client rather than Frosty itself makes you feel like they care about how their products can help you rather than how your money can help them.

Client stories

In fact, the second case study isn’t a case study at all. It’s a client story and it’s exactly what we create at Puck Creations. So, take our advice and start writing client stories or go one better and hire us to do it for you instead. [email protected] so that we can use your brand and your tone of voice to make your audience think, feel and take action.

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