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Making Client Stories Social?

Making your client stories social

November 2019 · 3 Min Read

OK, so you’ve written a client story instead of a case study, you’ve made sure that it’s intriguing with a great hook. You’ve taken your reader from a challenge, through a solution, to a result and you’ve finished with an irresistible call to action but what next? Making something this creative and this enticing takes time. Do you just plonk it on a content mill and hope someone might take a read? Of course not. Let’s get social!

Ready to show off?

If you’ve ever spoken to somebody at Puck Creations or seen any of our content, you’ll know how important it is to understand who your audience are and where your audience can be found before you even think about distributing content. A typical B2B business might be more likely to find their clients on LinkedIn, a photographer might have more joy on Instagram and a local takeaway might be better off delivering leaflets. No matter where your audience are, you need to be visible. Put yourself in front of them and let them know what you’ll do to help.

Lay down a marker

First things first, your original client story needs a base. There are a few places it could sit; Medium, Blogger, LinkedIn etc but like most things, a client story prefers its own home. If your website is up and running, this is the best place to send people. They can read your client story, see what it is you do and learn why they need what you’re selling. Once you’re settled in, invite your friends over for an entertaining and educational time.

Connecting client stories

Time to be social

Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, the local networking meeting, wherever it is that your audience can be found, say hello. Let them know that something important has happened that they need to see but please, please, please don’t make it all about you. Don’t tell people that you’ve written a case study that shows you off in a great light. Don’t tell everyone how amazing you are unless you want to be blocked on every platform. Instead, introduce them to a client story. Give them a taste of the challenge that was solved and the great results that were achieved. Create intrigue, give them a hook to grab onto and make them feel.

Repurpose your client stories

We’re not asking you to reinvent the wheel here, we’re just asking you to repurpose the content you already have. If your client story was in the form of a video, cut out a clip to give your audience a taste. If it was text based, offer an excerpt. If it was audio based, write a little of the transcript. Maybe you could offer a taster of your client story to acquaintances at a networking meeting. There are so many options to explore but the point is, one client story can be the basis for weeks of content so make the most of it.

Take Action

Still struggling to create a great client story? Just don’t have the time? Get in touch with Puck Creations today. We create content to make your clients think, feel and take action.

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