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Getting your face in front of your target audience

Are you getting your face in front of your audience?

September 2020 · 3 Min Read

Ads on Facebook, that’s the way forward!

Have we missed something? Are ads on Facebook no longer trendy? Oops? OK, where else should you advertise? LinkedIn? Instagram? YouTube? Tik Tok? My Space? Pinterest? Google? Bing? Radio? TV? Billboards? So many options, so little time. You’d better check out what everyone else is doing and copy them!

Seriously, Jimmy 2 million views said so

You all know Jimmy, right, the self-proclaimed social media marketing expert who just knows exactly where the best place to be is right now. He’ll razzle and dazzle you with his amazing results and tell you that you can be just like him. All you have to do is like and comment on all of his stuff and place your content on the platforms that make him his millions. The problem is, what’s “hot right now” isn’t necessarily “hot” for you and your business. Even if you get thousands of views on a particular social media platform, you might not be reaching anyone who really matters to you.

Research where your audience hang out

We recently wrote about understanding the behaviours of your ideal client. It was in the same blog that explained the differences between your ideal client and your audience. One factor of behaviour that’s important to recognise with both is where they spend their time. Are they often online? If so, do they use social media? Which platforms? Are they regularly checking their emails? Is Google their search engine of choice or do they prefer to shout questions at random people in the street? Are they often out and about, passing a certain location? Do they listen to the radio? Which stations are their favourites? What kind of TV programmes do they like?

Sorry, are we asking too many questions?

We’re not because you need to ask these questions too

It can take time to get the answers you need but if you know where your audience spend their time, you know where to place your content, you need to know how to get your face in front of your audience. We talked about advertising earlier but it’s not just about ads. Ads will generally be targeting your ideal client and their direct influencers but other content can be aimed at investors, suppliers, collaborators and anyone else who you need to reach. No matter where your content is and who it is aimed at, it’s important to remember that you are not in full control of who sees it so although your message might change, the values, purpose and other areas of your brand need to remain consistent.

Social media audience?

Remember there is more to the world than social media

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is “should we do all of our marketing on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?” Ignoring the fact that your marketing is probably actually mainly done in your office and social media is a communication tool, there is a possibility that none of these are the right option. To be clear, we’re not about to jump in and say “USE TWITTER!”. For some businesses, social media might not be the best way to reach their audience. It all goes back to our previous point about research. How much time do they spend on social media? How much time do they spend networking offline? How much time do they spend listening to the radio or watching TV? There is no one size fits all.

Take a look at yourself

Understanding, defining and locating your audience are all important things to do but when you are trying to work out the best way to reach them, there’s also a lot to be said for looking within.

Choose where to focus your time

So, you’ve looked within and you have a better understanding of your audience so where will you spend your time?

Define your audience

Still a little unsure of where to start? [email protected] to ask for help with Defining Your Brand. We’ll work with you to define your audience, values, WHY, HOW, WHAT and more.

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