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We can tell the world we’re great, we can shout it at them if we like but until they can see it for themselves, they’re not likely to believe us. That’s why building an audience is so important. Once you have people who understand you, your business and why what you do matters to them, explaining a particular product or service becomes a lot easier.

Website Content

Here’s some free advice. When somebody visits your website, think about what you want them to do, why they are there in the first place and why they will stay. You might want your visitor to purchase something, sign up to an email subscription service, or simply scroll down to the next section but whatever your goals, your client needs a reason to pursue them.

That’s where we come in. We create and enhance desire, overcome logical objections and entice action with every section.

Blogs and article writing

“Oh yeah, don’t they help you get higher on Google?”

Actually, yes! Well written blogs with the right keywords do and they offer so much more too.

You are the master of what you do. You understand your product, service, industry, and everything in between but do your potential customers or your new customers know that?

A great series of blogs will inform, advise and entertain but most importantly, they will build trust.

Using your knowledge and our expertise, we will create content to connect you to your audience, making sure that you are at the top of their mind when they’re ready to buy.

Find out more by reading our blog all about blogs.

Subscription email and newsletter writing

When somebody offers you the opportunity to send them a message directly, don’t take it lightly. This is your chance to talk directly to them and to focus on their needs. You could be their shoulder to cry on, their friend to laugh with, their comfort blanket and the first place they are going to when they need what you offer if only you send them the right message every time.

Need help making sure you get that message right? Contact Puck Creations today.

Informative documents and brochures

“Just get to the point already!” Ok, we will. Sometimes, we write to inform. We are helping your customers to understand instructions or rules and we need to make it as clear as possible. We take out the jargon and replace it with clear, precise commands. We still adhere to our clients’ tone of voice but we are careful to get to the point quickly. If you need to make your brochures or documents as clear as possible, Contact Us today.

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